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Late Doge

Latest generation of Doge Coin with multiple utilities

Late Doge - Coin with multiple utilities | How To Buy $LATEDOGE


As Doge and Shiba rode Elon Musk’s rocket to the Moon, they left their youngest brother, Late Doge, who overslept and missed the trip.

Luckily, Late Doge still holds his Moon ticket and will bring along his human friends who missed out the first rocket. 

Join Late Doge’s rocket to meet Doge and Shiba on the Moon surface and live happily ever after.

Late Doge - Coin with multiple utilities | How To Buy $LATEDOGE


There are so many meme coins in the space, all with little to no utility. Late Doge is not only your favourite meme coin, but it will also offer real utilities in NFT-based game and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. We believe that we can only beat other meme coins by building real utility on our ecosystem. 

Late Doge holders will be able to have fun memeing in our community and contribute in developing our play to earn and DeFi ecosystem. The Defi universe itself is a high growth industry with a total value locked of 220 Billion USD.

Simple NFT-based game

Current popular nft-based games, such as Axie Infinity, Crypto Blades, and Mist are overly complex. Our games will offer simplicity for any beginner who wanted to play and earn in crypto.

Defi for beginner

No more spending countless hours watching youtube, reading tons of medium articles, or asking some random strangers in teleram/discord group; with a friendly UX and supportive community, our defi users will be able to learn defi applications while having fun memeing.

Rug Free

Recreating the support factor

Most people will agree that small businesses are the economic bloodline in the United States giving employment opportunities to over 59.9 million people. Yet each year owners are faced with economic disarray. Currently support is constantly preached, advertised and talked about.

At Late Doge we realized if you have to constantly remind people to support small businesses, then the problem isn’t going anywhere. That’s why Late Doge just isn’t a app. It’s a tool that easily exercises consumers to consciously support their local small businesses. In a culture where instant gratification competition with big corporations spending billions of dollars on advertising to gain your focus. These businesses need a fair shot.

Why Late Doge

Late Doge relies on peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, and as such, it is decentralized in nature. In other words, no central bank or government regulates or backs it. Buyers transfer funds directly to sellers, without a third party to process payments.

Late Doge will cut out the middleman in a transaction. Rather than store your money somewhere where you’re dependent on an organization to safeguard it, you hold on to it through an encryption only you have a key to. As we hear more stories of data breaches and hackers becoming more sophisticated, cryptocurrencies sound more appealing to consumers looking for a safer way to do business.

Small businesses on Late Doge’s platform will accept Late Doge for many reasons, such as being at the forefront of technology, attracting customers who use crypto or eliminating certain kinds of fraud.

Lower transaction fees

The lack of a central intermediary dramatically reduces transaction fees. Small businesses accepting credit card payments often face fees of around 25 cents for each card swipe, plus 2 to 4 percent of the transaction total. These costs add up, which is why smaller stores often have credit card purchase minimums.

Increased sales

Because of Late Doge’s decentralized nature this enables small businesses to expand and open their doors to international buyers for whom their products and services were once inaccessible. For example, a small electronics retailer reported selling $300,000 worth of merchandise to nearly 40 countries by accepting cryptocurrency.

Catering to consumer preferences

Accepting cryptocurrency offers another advantage by giving customers an additional way to pay while providing an extra layer of protection for their information.

Merchant protection

Late Doge’s decentralized setup also protects merchants from fraudulent charge backs. The transactions, like cash, are final, because no third party can reverse charges.



3% Marketing


5% Doge Rewards


2% LP Buyback


100% Delicious Moon Food


Phase 1 - Puppy

Develop Community

  • Create Social Media Presence (Twitter, Telegram, Discord)
  • Active Engagement of Community

Soft Launch of Late Doge Token

  • Launch Token (BSC)
  • Airdrop/Pre-Sale
  • List in Major DEXes (PancakeSwap, 
  • List in CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap
  • NFT Creation
  • Third Party Audit


  • Create Play-to-Earn ecosystem

Phase 2 - Adolescence

Add Utilities to Late Doge Ecosystem

  • Becoming a DAO

1- Governance Token Issuance
2- Diverse Adoptions of Governance Tokens

  • Defi

1- Simple Swap
2- Yield Optimizer (auto compounding)
3- Yield Farming
4- Borrowing/Lending

  • Become a Multi-Chain Defi

Phase 3 - Adulthood

To be announced

Smart Dogenomics


Breeding: 3% will be redistributed to every Late Doge holder as passive income to incentivize long term holding


Poop: 3% will go to Late Doge Poop Box never to be seen again, increasing the value of the remaining coins.


Snack: 2% will go to Late Doge Marketing Pool to promote our project and community


Naughty Doge is a token that helps those who need as much assistance at the time. We have decided to work with charities and organizations that focuses on social issues that minorities and small businesses face in the world today.

While many of holders are on their journey to reach the moon, we would like to join knowing we have left our mark on earth!

In other words, let’s get on the rocket while supporting our less fortunate friends who will be cheering us from the side-lines because being a holder of Naughty Doge means we make a change not only to our lives but the lives of others.

Our Team

How To Buy


Use a wallet connected to Binance Smart Chain (BEP20).


Add $LATEDOGE to your wallet’s tokens list by pasting $LATEDOGE’s address.


Ensure you have BNB available in your wallet.


Open PancakeSwap and connect to your wallet.


Paste the address of $LATEDOGE token and happy swapping!

How does Late Doge?

Late Doge taxes a total of 14% on every transaction which goes is subdivided into four parts:

A 5 % of sales transactions is redistributed back to all Late Doge holders.

A 5% of sales transaction will be allocated inside the liquidity pool.
A 3% tax will be allocated to the marketing wallet, to ensure future development.

Donations to the organizations will also be voted on by our community Late Doge holders. We will designate a separate charity wallet to ensure the money will be spent only on charity. Proof of charitable donations will be provided in our Telegram chat.

Is Liquidity Locked?

Liquidity is locked for 1 year

What does it mean to have ownership?

Our contract address has been verified on BSC scan.